Versatility and Adaptability: I strive to employ a wide-ranging, eclectic spectrum of visual styles, contextual paradigms, and aesthetic techniques as dictated by each project’s function, content, audience, and goals.
• Stakeholder Collaboration: Working constructively and productively with multiple parties is a core facet of my professional ethos. I’m adept at tailoring my design process to the unique needs and goals of every project, collaborating closely with stakeholders throughout to develop exemplary materials that convey and engage with utmost clarity, creativity, and impact.
• Brand system alignment: I’m deeply familiar with the operational aspects of brand structures, having conceived and executed complete brand identities and accompanying standards, as well as creating, utilizing, and/or elevating preexisting brand parameters and assets for various clients.
• Swift, efficient, thorough process: Executing work in a punctual, agile, and dynamic fashion is paramount for effective design. I relentlessly strive to do so in a manner as organized, meticulous, and streamlined as possible — ensuring that reliability and timeliness are consistently maintained with high-quality output.
• Production Proficiency: In providing printers, programmers, broadcasters, fulfillment centers, and other tech collaborators with required digital assets, I’ve maintained a fluency in vendor and media protocols — from preliminary research, negotiation, and contracting to production oversight, approvals, and remediation — to ensure outstanding end products. 
• Staff Supervision: Overseeing a staff of designers and interns has utilized my capability for management, from directing scheduled workflow to examining output quality to daily administrative tasks (including budgeting) — as well as personnel advocacy as needed, and hands-on encouragement for improved work. Also: having taught design classes at two universities, I’ve instructed students in curricula that I devised, demanding a high measure of structure, patience, motivation, and attentiveness as a teacher.
• Accessible Design: As much as possible, I comply with ADA standards (particularly in signage and onscreen media), working to ensure visual materials are in proper accordance in providing universal inclusivity.­
• Expansive Process: When approaching any design need, I venture to explore, discern, focus, test, enhance, and ultimately implement exemplary solutions. This emphasizes research, inspiration, experimentation, and iterative improvement — employing an open mindset to allow new possibilities to emerge for the most beneficial, effective, and impactful results.
• Continuous Education: I exist in a perpetual state of learning, analysis, and exploration in further evolving my design capacity. This includes constant discovery and usage of new tools (digital and analog), work systems, best practices, tech advances, media trends/channels, professional philosophies, and aesthetic developments.
• Impassioned dedication: I believe in the power and efficacy of design to aid and improve all human endeavor, adding utility, beauty, and greater agency to our lives. My commitment in contributing to this perpetual evolution remains unwavering.
Among the many factors considered for
every design task:

• Accessibility/ADA-compliance
• Aesthetics: graphic style, effect, resonance, etc.
• Audience/viewership
• Brand consistency
• Clarity of communication
• Content: meaning, comprehension, context, etc.
• Contract guidelines
• Cost: budgets, fee parameters, payment process, etc.
• Delegation of labor
• Delivery/distribution of product
• Diversity/inclusion in representation
• Durability
• Environmental effect/sustainability
• Functionality
• Installation/placement logistics
• Legibility + readability
• Material usage
• Pace of creation/construction
• Production/fabrication factors
• Print method
• Remediation/replacement (as needed)
• Stakeholder collaboration 
• Timeframe: scheduling/turnaround 
• Unintended outcomes
• User control
• Vendor: designation, relations, etc.
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